The Baseball Junkie


I am a baseball junkie, for over fifty years.  I have been a player, umpire, coach, proud parent, groundskeeper, concession stand worker, fan, and most of all a lover and observer of the game at many levels – youth, high school, minor leagues, and major league.  I see the game for itself, but most importantly after all these years as a metaphor – a connection portal between our past and our present – one is not separate from the other.

The game is not about the score, about who did what, or about the crowd noise.  The game is about a simple back and forth.  Take the pebble from my hand – or in this case take the ball – hold it, throw it back to me and I will throw it back to you.  Think about this give and take – there is trust, responsibility, and if the throw goes awry – then forgiveness.

There is no failure in trying, just an opportunity to improve through effort.  Take the ball from my hand and let’s have a game of catch.


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  1. Site looks great. Good job mike! I’m excited for our t-shirts. Keep up the good work, love you- Jody

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